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Steel Gratings

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Steel Grating has been fabricated in strict accordance to N.A.A.M.M (National Association of Architectural Metal-Manufacturers) specification

and high quality controlled by SW Gratings’ TQC system. SW Gratings are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant

international standards. SW Gratings utilizes a high quality mild steel for load bearing bars which exceeds the specifications of ASTM A36,

BS4360 Grade 43A, JIS G3101 SS400 and KSD3505 SB41. It also can be manufactured of stainless steel, normally grades STS304 and



We supply mainly to our client as a Panel size of (W 993(1005)mm x 5800mm(7000mm) which is not surface treatment (bare and open type),

but if buyer’s request,  We supply them after processing as required.

Especially, we are ready to match buyers’ needs in Quality, Price and On time Delivery through our Factories in Korean and China.

And we supply raw-materials as it is, such as Steel Bar.

Please kindly contact with us as your a best business Partner, we remain.


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