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Wire Mesh Fence

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We are supplying various types of Welded Wire Mesh Fence designed by buyer’s request.


<1> Protecting Wire Mesh Fence and Decorating Railings for Highway, Railway, Garden, City Construction (Protecting Wire Mesh Fence,

Garden Fence, Chain Link Fence, Grillage, Grid) and its Accessories, such as Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Fencing Posts, Caps, Clamps,

Connectors, Bolts & Nuts and so on.

<2> Welded Wire Mesh/Welded Wire Mesh Fence/Welded Wire Mesh Panel, Supermarket Wire Mesh Shelf/Standing, Chicken (Hexagonal)

Wire Mesh, Hot dipped Galvanized & Electric Galvanized Iron Wire (Binding Wire),Black Annealed Wire, PVC wire ,Square Hole Wire

Mesh, Wire Netting, Cutting Wire, Insect (Aluminum, Fiberglass, Polyester) Window Screens, Expanded Plated Wire Mesh, Chain Link

Fence, Crimped Wire Mesh, Black Wire Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh, Red Copper Wire Mesh, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh, Common Nail and so on.

We can also manufacture any special products as the merchants request.......

<3> We also are able to operate all security Protecting System Project , Which are made of fence, Barbed wire ,razor wire and so on.


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